Emotion regulation including Anger

Emotions play a big role in our lives, for both adults and children, affecting how we act, our relationships and our decision-making. It involves recognizing what makes you feel a certain way, avoiding overreacting, and expressing your feelings in a way that's right for you and the people around you. Learning to manage (or regulate) your emotions is crucial for good mental health and getting along with people. This includes dealing with strong emotions like anger.
Emotion regulation strategies include:
  • Self-Awareness: Understanding your emotional triggers and recognising when you are experiencing strong emotions.
  • Cognitive Reappraisal: Reframing your thoughts to change your emotional response to a situation.
  • Mindfulness and Meditation: Techniques to stay present and manage emotional reactions.
  • Self-Care: Strategies to maintain emotional well-being, such as exercise, adequate sleep, and relaxation techniques.
  • Seeking Professional Help: When necessary, consulting with therapists or counsellors to develop more effective emotion regulation strategies.
Emotion regulation is a skill that you can practice and get better at with time. It helps you manage your feelings and, in turn, improves your overall happiness and success in different parts of your life. Whether you want to manage your anger, lower stress, or enhance your relationships, accessing help can really benefit.

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