Provisional Psychologists

At CCP Psychology, we're passionate about nurturing the next generation of psychologists. We help guide and empower provisional psychologists on their path to excellence.
Carley is an (AHPRA) board-approved supervisor and can provide supervision to provisionally registered psychologists completing a 4+2 or a 5+1 supervision pathway. Please contact CCP Psychology for further information and to discuss suitability.

General Supervision
Carley is a very experienced psychologist who also provides clinical supervision to other psychologists or clinicians in the field.
This supervisory relationship focuses on enhancing clinical skills, ethical conduct and overall professional competence. The aim is to ensure the delivery of high-quality services and to support the continued growth and development of psychologists and other clinicians throughout their careers.

Whether you are a solo clinician working in private practice and need someone to bounce some ideas off or if you are a clinician looking for a supportive supervisor to discuss a tricky case, look no further.

Contact CCP Psychology to discuss your needs and see if Carley is a good fit for you.
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