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CCP Psychology recognises the significance of sound mental health as a fundamental component of a life that is rich in meaning and purpose. Our group of highly qualified psychologists near Hornsby has over 20 years of experience delivering exceptional mental health care and counselling services. We are committed to aiding adults, children, adolescents, and families in Hornsby, Wahroonga and Epping. We are cognisant of the fact that every customer has their own unique requirements and obstacles, and as a result, we use a specialised strategy that places an emphasis on our customers' capabilities in order to equip them to surmount the problems that they face in life. Our mental health services cover a wide variety of topics relating to mental health, some of which are as follows: anxiety treatment, depression, emotion regulation, self-esteem, social skills, adjustment challenges, parenting, and postnatal depression. In spite of the difficulties that you or your loved ones are now facing, we are here to provide the direction and assistance that you need in order to attain emotional equilibrium and resiliency and also improve social skills.

Why You Need CCP Psychology To Guide You Through Your Mental Health Journey

Psychologists Who Are Both Competent And Empathetic

Our team of licensed psychologists makes it a point to keep abreast of the most recent findings and approaches to therapy that have been developed in the field of mental health research. Their wealth of knowledge and experience have been invaluable in assisting a great number of people around Hornsby, Wahroonga and Epping regions in achieving emotional well-being.

A Comprehensive Selection Of Services

We recognise and respect the fact that the path to mental well-being varies from person to person. Since people have varying requirements, we provide a wide range of services, including but not limited to the following:
  • Personalised treatment for adults, children, and adolescents
  • Counselling services for families 
  • Helping and directing parents with support and advice
  • Postnatal depression support
At CCP Psychology, we are firm believers that identifying and capitalising on a client's strengths is one of the most important steps in assisting them in overcoming the obstacles they face. Our psychologists will work with you to determine your individual strengths and then incorporate them into an individualised strategy that will help improve both your mental health and the general quality of your life.

We Do Not Pass Judgment

Our psychologists are aware that approaching a professional for assistance with issues related to mental health may be nerve-wracking. At CCP Psychology, our goal is to cultivate a warm and friendly environment in which our clients may relax and feel at ease. Our caring psychologists will listen to your issues with attentiveness, acknowledge your feelings, and help with you to create appropriate coping methods.

Adaptable Working Hours And Convenient Location

We are aware that it might be challenging to put therapy sessions at the top of one's priority list while still handling the duties of daily life. To better suit your schedule, we offer a variety of appointment hours, and days. Our practice is situated near the Hornsby district, making it easier to visit.

Today is the day you begin the journey to emotional well-being

You can confidently begin your journey towards emotional stability and resilience with the support and guidance of our experienced psychologists at CCP Psychology near Hornsby. Taking the first step towards improved mental health can be difficult; however, if you have the support and guidance of our experienced psychologists, you will be able to can overcome this obstacle. If you or a loved one is struggling with issues related to mental health, we are here to assist you. CCP Psychology is dedicated to assisting individuals near Hornsby, Wahroonga and Epping in leading lives that are both emotionally fulfilling and physically healthy. We have mental health services and psychologists to help you in a caring atmosphere.

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